Who We Are

...and what we do...

Forever Calcasieu is a dedication to our community. We are intentional about paying it forward to the place we call home, the place that made us who we are. Even as we strike out into the world, plant seeds and find success in cities across the nation, our roots remain in Calcasieu. We love and honor our native traditions, we carry them with us wherever we go. But we don’t want to only come home for the good stuff - the food, the celebrations. We want to be there when it counts, too. We were taught to look out for our people; so when times get tough, we’ll be there to offer our resources and support. From the kids who left but never really left, we are #forevercalcasieu.

We’re currently assisting in relief efforts for those affected by Hurricanes Laura and Delta. Here you can request financial assistance, find resources for emotional support, donate, or sign up to volunteer.